Current Projects

Mixed precision GMRES

August 2019 - Present

Exploring how the use of different precisions for different parts of the solver affects the performance and convergence of GMRES. The current goal is to be able to achieve the performance of a double precision GMRES implementation while selectively using lower precision in order to reduce data movement costs.


April 2019 - Present

An Atom package for interactive Common Lisp development, based on the Emacs plugin SLIME. This is a fork of Steve Levine’s Atom-Slime.

Past Projects

Reducing Memory Access Costs using Data Compression in Conjugate Gradient

May 2017 - April 2019

Exploration into whether the performance of sparse linear solvers (specifically Conjugate Gradient) can be improved by reducing data movement using compression.


July 2017 - May 2019

An implementation of Trilinos’s Petra Object Model in Julia. The project tried to understand how well Julia works for distributed, high performance computing.